Tire Service
Tropic Powersports
3462 Fowler St.
Fort Myers, FL

Service Description

Tires are important components of your motorcycle or scooter. It is the only thing between the you and the road. A tire failure on a two wheeled vehicle wile in motion, can be serious. Causing damage to your bike, personal injury or even death. Inspect your tires regularly and replace them as necessary. We provide this service to you. Should you require a tire replacement, we can recommend the proper tire for your bike and provide for the installation.
Rear tire installation runs between $40,00 and $95.00 depending on the bike.
Some Gold Wings and bikes that require a lot of luggage case removal could be more.. Front tires run between $25.00 and $85.00. We will quote your specific bike.

NOTE: Their is a $20.00 (per tire) charge for carry in tires. Tropic Powersports will not plug or repair tubeless tires or inner-tubes. We will not install used tires.

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